I have completed my undergraduate Commerce Program from UofT (paid deregulated fees as a domestic student) and MBA from McMaster in 2015. Received no assistance from my parents b/c they could not afford to help me and worked 2 part-time jobs all through school. Currently, $55, 000 in OSAP debt and $28,000 (90% of which is school related) line of credit debt. I always thought that once I am in a workforce, I will be able to pay it off quickly. Unfortunately, my hopes never became a reality. I am 28 still living alone, can't afford to even start saving for a down-payment for a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Now that I have a full-time job, my OSAP payments kicked in + large Line of Credit payments: I can not afford to make both, so I only make minimum monthly payments for my Line on Credit. Since last year my credit score fell by 85 points. 4 months ago I started eat less and walk to work so I could afford paying my "affordable" monthly OSAP payments. I never though that my debt situation would affect me mentally as well.

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