Victoria, 25

Currently, I am in my last year at Ryerson finishing up my university degree in Social Work, after graduating from a Library and Information Technician program in 2012. My school debt is going to be about $70,000 when I get out in April. I live with my parents and commute to work, school and my internship as I am at the end of my financial resources. I am not sure if I am able to attend my last semester due to financial restraints. While I appreciate OSAP and student loans for allowing me my university experience, it is daunting to think about trying to balance starting my life as a professional and managing the large amounts of debt I have incurred from post-secondary education. If I didn't have student debt, I could focus more on my learning in my last year, as well as maintaining a healthy life/work/school balance that could fit more of my needs as a student.

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