Nahema Sybill Jules, 20

I am a third year co-op student from the University of Waterloo. I chose to partake in the co-op program, despite it meaning an extra year of schooling, to avoid unemployment after graduation and so I could use the money earned to pay off some of my student loans. My mom is a single mom with three kids and can do little to help me financially. I have always worked part-time (~ 20 hours a week), even while at school, to lighten my mother’s financial burden. This past summer I found out I had diabetes. This came as a complete shock and added further financial strain to my already measly funds. I currently have a little over 10k in loans but hoped to go to law school or do a master’s program after getting my bachelors. I don’t know if I can afford to do this anymore, as I would like to take some time off school to deal with my health issues. The loan that was meant to help me achieve my aspirations in life is actually doing the opposite and preventing me from achieving my goals.