Michelle, 27

I am 27 and still live at home working jobs outside of my field just to try and maintain a decent lifestyle. I've been on repayment assistance. I feel like I can't grow because the second I make a little more than normal, I'm going to have to start paying back a loan I actually can not afford.I'm 27, my life should be started already and I can't do more than a student in highschool with part time jobs due to lack of jobs in my field (education). Luckily I'm financially savvy and I've saved up before the expectation of a 50k loan. But the 16k I have left is impossible. I can't save money to even live on my own someday. It's hindering my independence, my growth, and my state of mind. Id take full responsibility if I was promised a job that could actually fulfill these loans, but truth of the matter is, what we without jobs in our fields make in these dead end jobs- we can't cover a quarter of these payments.

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