Min, 27

I graduated with a BA in 2012 and a BEd. in 2014 from UofT. I wanted to pursue my lifelong goal and become a teacher. The job market for becoming a teacher is horrible right now and many Ontario Certified Teachers wait for YEARS in order to just get on the Occasional Teacher list and wait at home just to get a phone call to go and cover for a teacher who is sick. I cannot believe that I have to go back and volunteer in order to get an interview and to be added for the supply list. Many teachers have been on the supply list for years and were still not successful in getting a permanent teaching job. I have applied to many different places and different schools but unfortunately, there aren't enough jobs for teachers. I started with$ 27,000 OSAP. I am now down to $20,000. I am 27 years old and still living at home since I can't afford the costs of living outside home and paying rent on my own. I work two jobs and even work on weekends in order to pay off OSAP and pay other expenses. It has been very difficult for me since my family makes less than $40,000 a year. If I did not have OSAP, I would have continued and applied to get my Masters in Education. Unfortunately, that would add another $20,000 on my debt.

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