Meaghan Kleovoulos

I am a B.Sc. Zoology graduate of the University of Guelph and received approximately $30,000 in OSAP assistance. Post-graduation, I worked 4 part-time jobs to support myself and try to repay my loan, but I was barely making ends meet. It was only once I left the country and worked as an EFL teacher in Seoul, South Korea for 5 years that I was able to afford to pay off my loan. Once again, I am investing in my future by studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Humber College. I am receiving OSAP for this year. I’m hoping to qualify for new programs that may help finance my education but if I do not qualify, I will have a large debt that I will need to pay off again. It is my hope that upon graduation, I will not have to struggle to live and repay loans, but rather be able to spend my efforts on community health and the wellbeing of Canadians.