Kaytlynn, 24

I attended Brock University for a 4-year Bachelor's Degree. During my time at university, I was also dealing with my on-going deteriorating mental health status as I have severe anxiety and really severe depression from issues in my childhood. During my 4 year degree, OSAP helped immensely as my parents did not offer me any financial aid once-o-ever to go to post-secondary. My degree? I had to have it stretched to 5 years due to my mother almost dying in my third year of University, having to have quadruple bypass surgery, and beforehand--she had had several strokes. Now my family knew I was studying and working my behind off to keep my marks up, despite my mental health going down the drain. Not wanting to add any further stress on me, they decided not to tell me about the things going on with my mom until four days later, which literally caused me to have a mental breakdown. During the stretch of my degree, I also had a friend who was really close to me attempt to commit suicide because he was dealing with his own identity issues, and outside of our program at school, people were really hostile toward him because of his sexual orientation (he preferred men). Five years after beginning at Brock, I graduated with my double bachelors degrees in Dramatic Arts and Philosophy, with the intention of going to Law School at York U or Ryerson. Unfortunately, due to the amount of debt that I am in with OSAP, I find it very hard to find the time to go back to school. I've now since moved back home, not only because my mother requires care during the times when the nurse that I pay for cannot visit, but also because it helps my father out to know there is someone home until he comes home to care for my mother. My parents, mind you, are both 64 and 74 years old, so they are not young by any means at all. I want to go to Law school, I want to get my judicial degree, but I keep crunching numbers on how much I'm going to owe the government, and I find myself unable to quit my full-time job, or even move to part time to try and attempt getting my degree. Every month, I pay over what is required, nearly $500-$600 in total, when my pays after taxes are barely $800. That's not including the loan I had to get from my bank to help me cover my mother's medical expenses. It's a mess, financially, it is a complete catastrophe. I was working two jobs up until last month, when I had to quit my other job because it is just too much with my mental disorders. It's too much to deal with, and it's almost like I can't breathe. Even if someone was only able to give me half of a break of the debt that I am in, I would appreciate it. I would go absolutely crazy and party. Right now as it stands, since I graduated in June 2015, I went from owing $38,000 to right now, where I stand, barely under $34,000. The daily interest charge? $5 per day, which means roughly $155 a month. And in a year? Roughly $1900, on just interest on the loan itself. I can't do this, its crippling my finances. I'm afraid to even try and get an apartment and live on my own, because where am I going to get that extra money for rent? I don't own my own car, I literally have nothing that I can sell to help me pay this off. I can't even breathe most days because I start number crunching and my anxiety kicks in and I just start losing it. If I didn't have debt, any debt, I could stay at my job which I love, full-time, I could help my mother with everything, and take care of my parents. But right now, I can't even take care of myself.

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