Rob Borghese, 25

I was finalizing my loan details when I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma. Luckily I was not locked in yet, so I did not have to deal with a loan during that already difficult time in my life. I managed to get through it after a tough battle and once again started to deal with my post-secondary stuff. I finished school with excellent grades, but have accrued tens of thousands of dollars in debt in the process. Due to the cancer treatment I was late into the workforce, even in school I was several years older than my classmates. I've struggled to find gainful employment in my field despite my grades, all while barely managing to keep afloat due to my loan. I'm still stuck living with my family because I simply cannot afford to live anywhere else. I cannot even afford to pay for car insurance, which I need because it is my only way to get to work. Luckily my father owns a garage, so I am able to register my vehicle there for now, but it means I do not technically own it. I even had to borrow money from my parents to ensure that my account did not slip into the negatives. I'm tired of being a financial burden; if I were able to be freed of even part of my debt, I would be able to start living on my own and truly building a life for myself. As it stands currently, this debt will be haunting me for decades unless I am able to come into a large sum of money randomly. By the time it has been finished at my current payments, I will have paid at least twice the value of my original loan. I want to live on my own and start to make enough money to survive so I can start paying my family back for all they've done, since they don't have much to spare either.

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