Holly 25

I worked during school and moved home half way through not only to try to save money but limit the amount of money I accumulated for my debt. While going to school full time I was also working full time at the Beer Store to try to limit my debt. It wasn't until 6 months after graduating making minimum wage for many years that I got a decent job. With this said, I'm 25 and still live at home with no plans on moving out soon, simply because I can't afford to. If there was no interest I would be able to pay off my debt faster and start saving for a house. It's absolutely exhausting, it seems like no matter how many payments I make there's endless amounts of money that feels wasted and goes towards interest when it can go towards the principal of your loan to pay it off faster. This is a problem for millions of people and it needs to be addressed, finding a solution to help alleviate this financial burden. We shouldn't be punished and weighed down for years to come simply because we wanted an education.

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