Victor, 28

Firstly, I'm very grateful for being born in Canada and having the access to proper education. I was amongst the generation of my family that were first to have a university degree or any form of post secondary education. My parents did not have much to contribute and I have lasted very far thanks to this country. My parents were refugees from a conflict driven country and flee'd from a massacre due to political unrest in the late 70s. They came to Canada with nothing. We struggled a lot through our personal lives due to family and financial problems. I think that my parent's generation had never fully recovered from the experience. As a result, my early life was plagued with depression, a history of poor grades, and lack of confidence. Sometimes, I think it is a miracle how I made it to where I am today. I managed to stick it through and earn an engineering degree and land a job. But, having a loan of over $44,000 is somewhat crippling. It will take me years to pay off at the rate that I am going at. Sometimes, I feel that the debt is so overwhelming it makes me second guess my decisions. I'm so eager to pay off the debt I'm more focused on making ends meet rather than pursuing my interests and that makes me miserable. Aspiration-wise, I worry whether I'll ever be able to start a family without putting my kids into the same situation as myself. It scares me to death at the thought of continuing on this viscous cycle. If I was debt free, I would definitely start saving early, so that someday I can realise this dream and as every other parent does, give their kids a fulfilling life where they don't have to worry about loans.

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