Him Ranjit

Little less than a year ago, I graduated from York University with a degree in Economics & Political Science…and more than $40,000 in debt. Before immigrating to Canada a few years ago, I grew up in the United States. Even while growing up below the poverty line, I was able to attend the University of Texas for two years without any debt because of their generous financial aid system. So, to my surprise, the very little financial aid I received from OSAP (outside of loans) shattered my perception of a 'progressive' Canada. With the cost of education being much higher than my expectation, I have been unable to pay more than the minimum payments, which would take close to a decade to pay in full. Moreover, I am applying to attend law school but with more than $40,000 already in debt, I have no way of paying for law school without taking out more than $100,000 in loans. For our generation of youth, there seems to be a never-ending cycle of student debt, without an end in sight.

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