Jonathan 30

After my 4 year health sciences BScH at Queen's I owed 15000 to OSAP, plus 24000 to a private bank. After my out-of-province MSc/PhD (7 yrs) this amount ballooned to 42000 in national student loans, and 30000 to the bank. I now pay 5.2% interest on my government student loans, while paying only 4% to the bank. This makes me wonder why the government is charging a higher interest rate? I have since moved abroad where thanks to currency conversion I can repay my loan faster, but at a great personal sacrifice of leaving my family life and country. I'm not asking for a free handout from the government in the form of waiving my payments. Instead, continued interest relief is one way to assist young professionals who have seen years of earning potential vanish in order to extend their studies to qualify for specialized public jobs, often underpaid relative to their corporate counterparts.

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