Chelsey, 24

I decided to wait upon graduating high school to make sure that a therapy related career was what I was meant to pursue. I ended up in a private college (CTS) in a social service worker program, thinking it would be a great head start that would take less time. My course was to last nine months and cost me just under 17 000$. Within a few months of my program, my professor resigned and was replaced by a woman without any experience or education in the field. When I was two months from graduation, I had the very difficult decision to make of having to work full time and put my schooling on hold so I could save more money. The advisers at CTS told me I had to pay them back in full to finish my two remaining months (after previously approving the decision without additional cost due to the OSAP payments being paid in full). Due to not being able to afford the additional Dept, I decided to continue working and hope that I would come with a new plan in the future. I later found out that they canceled the course due to not being able to find a new, qualified professor. After years of growing Dept and collector threats, I decided to declare bankruptcy. Though of course this did not include my OSAP debt, which I have yet to pay a penny towards due to living around the poverty line for the last 5 years. I am now trying so hard to save for school to start my university degree and achieve my masters so that I can finally get my life on track and have the career I've dreamed of.

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