Allison, 45

In 2006 I decided to leave my job & pursue my dream of working with children of abuse. I first went to college for RECE & then CYW. Went to University for 1 year to pursue my BA in Social Work. Long story short-left the U because I was afraid of all the debt that was accumulating. It was 2012 then & at that point I still wasnt able to secure full time or even a decent part time job in the fields I graduated from; everything is contract or part available.with min wage pay. Now, 2016, $50000 in student debt, still no secure job, single w 2 teens and now a grandson to raise due to the death of my daughter. Ive recently tried to obtain a mortgage because it's actually cheaper than renting & it would be an investment for my children but was turned down for ONE reason-MY STUDENT DEBT. I was told FLAT OUT "Unless that is gone, I will never obtain a mortgage!" So here I am, educated, experienced but no security for my future, my kids future, all because I wanted to better my life & follow my dreams.

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