Alicia, 31

The program I desired most varied horrifically in cost across the nation. The Arts are often taken advantage of in this way. After strategically aiming for an institution that had (in comparison) a reasonable cost, I managed to graduate in 2010 with a haunting $36,000 dollar loan. The hard work I put in to graduate at a level that could get my toes in the door of my profession paid off. I have had steady work since graduating. I am "successful". It's been 6 years since graduating and by employing a modest budget that allows me a safety net for possible healthcare costs (as a sacrifice of working in the arts is the glorious comfort of benefits), the absolute right of a roof over my head (I rent as I can not afford to own a house), and food on my plate (I buy fresh to save money and local because I do love Canada), with the occasional fun of a half priced movie night at a theatre that is, thankfully, within walking distance, my debt just broke the $29,999.99 mark this past summer. This took 6 years, Canada. 6 years. Canada, how will I ever buy the house you expect me to? Will I ever be able to afford the purchase and maintenance of what our society revolves around, the spectacular car!? Would it be wise for me, in this financial position, to start a family? Could I afford to keep us safe and well? Would it be wise to get a dog or a cat? Honestly, the average vet bill would crush me. So, no. No to all of this for now. If I want to operate as a reasonably well human-being in this nation, I am going to have to wait until I am student-debt free. I'll be close to 50 then! Its not a risk for either me or hypothetical child for my uterus to bear child at that point, right? And hey, the bright-side of the whole car purchase is that maybe I won't even need a driver's license by the time I can afford a car?! I'm assuming we won't require licenses to ride in fully automated cars, right? Come on, Canada. Stop taking advantage of your nation's people's human right to educate themselves by making it an unreasonable risk to do so, or causing them to feel strangely punished in the aftermath of doing so. Relieve us our unreasonable debts. Allow us the room to do all the things you expect of us. (House, car, family, puppies, cat, more puppies..etc...) I love my nation, but as this relationship of ours blossoms, I'm realizing I am being abused.

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