Ahmad Moussaoui, 26

I started the petition to call on the government to address student debt the very night the Premier announced her “Free Tuition” promise. What about all of the students who already have thousands of dollars of debt?  Not only is “Free Tuition” a false claim, but this government is leaving behind a generation of people already struggling under debt. Since starting the petition, over 60,000 people have signed on.

I currently work as a videographer and I have over $17K in student debt from schooling that isn’t even relevant to my field. I spent years after my post-secondary diploma unemployed and looking for work before starting my own business. I love what I do, but it’s hard work. This is the first year that I have enough clients to survive without a second part-time job. And I’m hoping by next year I can finally afford to start paying off my debt. If I didn’t have this debt I could afford to live on my own and invest in growing my business and maybe, eventually, I could buy a house. But for now, all of it feels so far away and I try not to think about it. Taking the interest off my student loan would definitely be an important first step in helping with my loan.