Amanda, 24

Life has its up and downs. With student debt you seem to be presented with more downs than ups. No matter how far I get ahead, my debt knocks me five steps back. After university it was hard to find a full time job. Even when I did, I wasn't making enough to pay my loans off as well. Rent, car insurance, groceries, prescriptions, gas prices .. Everything was getting more expensive. I sat in repayment assistance for two years. Now that I have picked up a second job, I make enough each month that I am required to pay my loans. I had to go to my financial institution and get a loan through them to pay off the government just to avoid a higher interest rate. Buying a house, a car or even starting a family will all be put on hold until I can pay off my debt. They tell you to go to school because you will get a better job, be more intelligent and get farther in life. But what they don't tell you is that it will take you half of your lifetime to get those things and to where you want to be simply because schooling is so pricey.

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