Ashley, 33

I'm drowning in my student debt. My family couldn't afford to help me with my education, so I worked & used OSAP. I graduated believing there would be jobs...but there weren't. I had to move home to save money, hoping things would get better, but they didn't. I use repayment assistance, but the debt still looms. I can't go back to school & retrain because I'm stuck on the R.A.P. Train...I can't get further loans, to get a better job. If I make slightly more money, the loans will take it. I suffer from horrible anxiety & depression because I feel I was sold a bill of goods, promised a bright future that didn't materialize. Now students are being offered free tuition, but I am buried under a mountain of debt from my education. Where's my help? Does my government not care about me? I can't get married or buy a house because I can't get this debt-weight off my shoulders. I just want this nightmare of student loan repayment to be over so I can move forward with my life. I dream of being a homeowner, a wife, and a mother, but my student debt has crippled those dreams and I feel utterly helpless. I need help. I need the government to listen, care, and take action.

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