End Student Debt: Add your voice!

Everyone who lives in Ontario knows what a great place it can be - but we’re at a tipping point. Ontario has the highest average tuition fees in the country. Student debt is forcing young people to delay important life milestones, like buying a car, getting an apartment or buying a home, starting a family, or owning a business.

The Ontario NDP has called for the elimination of interest on student loans as a first step to addressing this crisis. Join our campaign by sharing your stories about how student debt has affected your life.

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The government makes over $25 million dollars of profit annually off interest payments from student loans. That’s not right. And it has to stop.

Add your voice to our campaign to immediately remove interest from Ontario student loans. This is an essential first step to ending student debt. We'll be sending exclusive updates and alerts to keep folks in the loop on the Ontario NDP's campaign to end student debt. Add your voice today!

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